RockyRoo - Australia's High Tensile Post Hole Digger

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The Easy Way to Dig Holes

The RockyRoo has been manufactured to the highest standards to handle harsh Australian conditions.

The ingenious 3-point linkage design cleverly utilises the tractors hydraulics and weight to take the hard work out of digging deep post holes. The hydraulic cylinder effortlessly pushes the auger into the ground whilst the heavy duty PTO drivetrain provides plenty of power to dig in all soil types.

The RockyRoo has taken the pain out of digging post holes!!!

And it had to be safe!!

We had seen the markets previous responses to the challenge and we had observed their weaknesses. We noted that all previous attempts were severely limited in the amount of down pressure their frame could handle without damage.


Quality Features



  The pivot points have grease points

    All the pins are grade 1040 grade high tensile steel.

    Frame connection points made to fit Category 2 linkage specifications.

    The gearbox, clutch and PTO shaft have been matched to transmit maximum power.

    Auger teeth and centre pilot are tungsten coated for long life in tough conditions.

    RockyRoo augers are available in 4", 6", 8", 9", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20" & 24" diametres.


How It Works...

The auger is lowered and raised via the RockyRoo hydraulic ram which is powered by the tractor remotes. The three point linkage arms remain static at all times. This clever setup successfully transfers the tractor weight into a vertical push force on the digging auger.